Thursday, May 14, 2009

Elections ... me , the people

This is the election season , in which there are every party is talking about their usual agendas . I havent been following it much hectic academic routine , and saw few news papers and news channel . I don't have much to say , but few distinct points which i feel should be thought about . What is the intellectual capability of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi to be a Prime Minister candidate , or even about the Congress Party say they are "apt" for the post.
I haven't found Rahul Gandhi any way near appealing than his decent looks. I haven't seen them empathizing with the pain of general masses . Most of the Congressmen hog on the reputation of greats like Mahatma Gandhi,Jawaharlal Nehru , Indira Gandhi , who had reach to the rural India. They knew what India was at grass-roots and worked for it , rather just talk about it .
The there comes issue of Obama ? do we need one ? who is the closest in resemblance . Hey Indians! why do we always need an entity from the West on which we want to put an Indian stamp. Let us be us , not US . I they dint have any woman president as we had Mrs. Gandhi (PM) . The hot issue i wanna press about is Mayawati . Every one is so offended by her name , makes a mockery of her , that i find a serious lack of intellectual people who can talk about her unbiased that she is from an oppressed section of the society . Every detail of her money transaction is followed , but none buddy cares where the other politicians take money from . The names are never brought into the limelight , but if its Mayawati , she sure should be there .
I guess , i personally like her dominance as a woman she is. She treats IAS as civil servants , not as they generally are , very elite class. She tells them to toe the line . She single handedly put Raja Bhaiya behind bars under POTA when every politician feared him . For once , just think , how much a woman , from under privileged section is fighting . Every one says , she keeps building Dr. Ambedkar's and her statues every where . So let me ask , what is development. Its very subjective to the society we live in .
The Americans have their agenda , Iraqis have theirs , and we in India , have ours . So , talk about the Indians , we have middle class men which have TV sets at home , decenet salary to get children in school and we mobilize our opinion in media the most ( let it be cinema reviews etc.) . But what about the rural India ? people living in villages, the downtroddens who are not even allowed to goto schools cuz they are not supposed to by birth. Discriminated against everywhere. I read an article in 11th May newspaper , which showed how poor SP administration were castes girls were deprived of education for the fear of sexual harassment , which stopped after Mayawati came to power. I guess she gives a ray of hope to many .
The agenda of those poor people ( who are poor not only financially , but culturally , ...) is not a beautiful four lane road.The agenda is " SELF RESPECT" , "DIGNITY" . In our IITs , first year we are given general courses to get to a common platform , forgetting our background we came from in JEE.
This is similar , you need to give these people some room to develop , to think more than just about their daily wage . I guess may be Maya wati does it. And her statue on a road gives that hope to the worker working in pits . I dont get when people talk , about Obama they talk about his past , about how he was made , but no one talks about how Mayawati came ?. I dont claim Mayawati as Indian Obama by any means , but this post of mine is just an independent view on that side of coin where many people don't even feel like looking . I guess that section of society is not looking for any other section of society to represent them , like the Congress did . So , some other community person makes laws for the outcasts and deprived and the deprived cant make laws for upper section . I am finding logic now in one society having equal rights , and if every person on television can say , i have my aspirations corrected this time to vote and prove his point , then i guess its time for the lowest section of the society too , to get there aspirations/needs everything right . No more false votes , booth capturing and later farmers of India die when the IT sector booms for a fortnight and crashes one arbitrary night leaving the nation all perplexed .
I am not on any political party side , but all i want from my fellow Indian brothers is to be unbiased when they vote. Though they vote to any party , but should learn to appreciate people for things that they have done , the hard times they go through . This is not a flame post , its just portrays something which even the Indian media fails to portray clearly .
I am studying technology , but I know the roots of India lie in villages , not in metros with pseudo Indians . We need to get the whole structure right . One day ,we will .


NG Srinivas said...

Need to wait a few years to be unbiased again I guess :-)

swarun said...

The congress is going by dynastic politics, not by choice, but because the Gandhi family is it's spine. We know the kind of instability in the congress & India when Rajiv Gandhi died. This allows Priyanka to say (on a TV interview), "I bring my children to political meetings because tomorrow I don't want them to be scared of huge crowds when they become leaders. Politics to them must come naturally".
With regards to Mayawati, it's a fact that powerful women in politics are often targetted by the media (and other politicians). Being a powerful leader allows you to take strong decisions, but these may not always be good decisions. (e.g. Indira's emergebcy fiasco). I guess we have to wait for India to be more mature to accept a woman dalit as PM. The reason for frustration among junta in general is not because of benifits offered to the Dalits as such, but to the most undeserving people among the Dalits.

abhinav narain said...

i guess you both agree , India has to evolve a long way .
@swarun : serious comments da , i dont wanna debate on them for now the least .