Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mobiles , the new generation

We are pretty much done with Desktops , laptops are stable pieces of computation . PDAs are too costly affair for what they provide.
Certainly , i think that mobiles are the gadgets of the present times. I mean all the stuff just clubbed into one thing . It can be really one thing to look after.
Giants like Nokia , LG , Moto , Sony ...Apple , Google etc list is endless are just pushing limits on this small device which is changing like anything. I cant really talk about the technology details as i am bound by legalities , but i am sure ... Mobiles are going to change the future of people ... i guess they really are . Apple as such with ipod has made a revolution as there are developers all over the globe to give user some great experience on this device . I mean we as humans want different experiences .
Previously , these devices dint look as cool , but as the User Interface has evolved to colored screens and the devices capabilities has evolved like anything having efficient micro kernels to control them , they are awesome.
I always though they can't be as good , with small buttons and small screen sizes ..(pathetic) but the kind of access they provide and the usability at any place .. and low energy consumption , with the internet at there disposal ... this technology is going to make billions and trillions in the business market , and a company to take control over this will be making gold .
There were issues at the technology levels , and the way these companies have handled them , i am just amazed . The complexity is still there , but its engineered to the optimum .

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