Thursday, February 5, 2009

In loving memory of,Professor Raghavan

There are very few people in this world who touch heart of every person they meet. He was one of them. Prof. Veera was very knowlegeable , passionate person .He had a lot of insight about the society , its socio-cultural background . Very punctual , humble person .He was one of those whom you can speak your true heart out and he will relate to you.
He will make you feel good about things, bring out points which u wont notice usually (even though i m a good observer).
He is one of the few professor who cared for students , not just for their academic life but also about other concerns and advise them to do the right thing , if not the best thing. He is the kind of person who can motivate you , inspire you and really make you a better person on any day .
He helped me in understanding society in a better way and gave me , and was very understanding , and used to reply cheerfully even when i was virtually ready to fight it out . I don't find people whom i can talk so frankly about , but he was really one of the best person i met.
There was nothing like a disability in him , like he was blind , but i guess he had more powers than ordinary being . He can make out how you are feeling .
He had real sensitive ears... I know cuz i tried to sneak in once , and he got me ! .Prof. RKK told me today , that he was very helpful and one of RKKs story goes like ,.. He and Veera taught english to one of IIT M's batch and Veera used to be instrumental in making students learn the subject and everyone appreciated there efforts together. One of the courses RKK loved to have taught.
I guess it was Cancer to be the cause of his mournful demise . I don't want to count how meritorious he was( which is so useless) , but the person he was , because at this time , its all that matters .

I had a feeling at the start of the semester to meet him , but just got carried away with the usual work, and now i wish ... had i met him :( .
For IIT M, it has lost one of its best professors .
Today , i am sad .
May his soul rest in peace .

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