Thursday, May 29, 2008


Just another night while i sit in hostel room after long hours in the lab .
Just came across this picture , which was sent across by my friend .It was taken by an amateur photographer .
Its quiet interesting in all the sense i know something about photography (or may be little apart from the shutter speed and exposure time and applying them).
It is fantastic as it covers all the three ... land (synonymously boat) , water and sky.
Its beautiful in the sense that it depicts the right time of the day . The land is darker and then there is light and then there is darkness again in the upper dungeons . The presence of a man gives an even greater insight connecting the mean to the superlative(the land to the sky).
The changing color of water as darkness eats the other part of sea gives it another dimension.
Just looking at the top portion of the man you can notice that there is a blurred light at one part and sharp light just on the other . It just looks as if mind has filtered out wisdom from knowledge .
Another interpretation , it represents a lone person boldly rowing with hope when he see' s a dim shimmer at some endless end .
Thats just my imagination as i thought of writing a picture composition after i gave my board examination long back !
Just make me think , that if it is so beautiful after on a digital camera ,
it would be fantabulous if taken from an analog one , as one can't catch the
beauty of analog world from a digital world with perfection


NG Srinivas said...

I didn't know so many things could be inferred from a simple photograph :) Good work.

akanksha said...

i love the way you have appreciated the pic in simple yet beautiful words... it is indeed a brilliant pic ... and the though you have extracted is pretty impressive too...

ankspro said...

its just that the technicalities of ur mature fresh and untold thoughts should not be conjured up with something precooked and cliched as for analog and digital thing in here Mr.only engineer :)

abhinav narain said...

@ankit ...
i deeply regret the con we had to get the title of "only engineer" ...
no hard feelings for my best freiend who is an electrical shtudd

SK said...

Stud da. Completely agree with NG. I didn't there was so much in that photograph. I only thought it was a matrix of intensity values.

abhinav narain said...

That is wat is expected of an Imageprocessing GAWD

Suryadeep said...

awesome pic dude...however slightly beg to differ reg the comparison of analog and digi cams..i personally think the magic lies in the photographer's hands..and eyes :)

Akarsh said...

That's a nice interpretation and an interesting observation that all three - land, water and the sky are found together.

And regarding Digital Cameras, I was of the same opinion till I bought a Digital Camera. Digital Cameras generally provide more resolution than analog cameras (because emulsion grain size is a limiting factor in film cameras), and both suffer from saturation when exposed to excess light - so there's no difference there. Quantization in intensity is the only kind of 'digitization' you have, but I don't see any big difference. It's "continuous" enough.

I'm wondering what those lines of bright light above the horizon are. They can't be aeroplanes. They could be the reflection of city light's off clouds, but that's a very funny wavy pattern that looks like something moving while the boat is rocking. If it is that, then the photograph must have a long exposure time, in which case even the water in the sea should be blur. Do you know the original source of the photograph? Maybe he can tell us what it is. But that's a really nice photograph, though.

abhinav narain said...

@ akarsh
Ask NG "K.S." about the digital/analog fundaes da ... you will appreciate them :)