Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Memorable Loner Journeys

While doing a summer project , i got my tickets booked from "delhi to chennai" a month before i left chennai for home.I realised its an evening flight from delhi so , i will goto delhi ,that morning by lucknow mail , and then leave for chennai in the evening after meeting my friends etc.
So , the day ,night of which i was supposed to leave from lucknow(where i live) to leave for New Delhi, i watched helluva Vh1 and channel [V] listening to songs, and din't sleep .
Next morning i woke up at 1o in morning , i just had a look at the air ticket and it said 0400 hrs.It just struck that flight must be in the morning as time is in hundred hours , rather in the evening .I would be reaching Delhi at 0700 , and fight would be reaching chennai 0630 hrs .I dint even brush and rushed to take Rajdhani Express ticket at the railway station .That day i realised Lucknow Railway station is so huge and has four ticket counters and i visited all four of them in a sprint .Finally he says come at 1400 hrs , you might get one .I waited there in hunger and anxiety for the ticket .Meanwhile my father came to station to take care of things and i rushed home to pack my stuff and fresh and all . Finally , got in the train and i coudn't properly sleep in the chair car .Got down at NDRL Station,in the night at 23:15. Went to Mayuur Vihar to friend's place .Started for Local AirPort at 0200 hrs,which is at the other extreme of Delhi , and still got stuck in a traffic jam of trucks at night ,but finally made it to the station .
Reached chennai at 0630 , reached IIT at 0730 ,and attended A slot @ 0800 !! .The trip was awesome ,though i couldn't meet any of my freinds or relative in delhi, had adrenaline pumpng for all the night .

Once i just decide to go home from New Delhi at the weekend . Ihad not much money with me and i went to NDRL station and got tickets after staniding in a long difficult queue . I got a general ticket as i knew , the TT will later arrange for a seat in the train, coz thats how things go in Gomti Express . It was a huge rush that day and i was travelling in general for the first time so i din't have a clue as to what was supposed to be done .I just got in .I kept rs 250 in my wallet and the rest 400 in my front pocket of jeans with the ticket as i thought if the pick -pocketer steals my wallet , i will be safe .
But in that madness of crowd to get a seat and all , i lost track of myself and someone stole my money and tickets from my front pocket and i had only my wallet left with me .I stood aghast as i never expected this thing to happen.The train had started and i could not even get off. It felt i made a fool of myself by making a choice of going home.
There was a huge penalty for ticketless passengers as obvious , and i was scared to death .
People suggested me to get off at Aligarh station and take the next train and boys told me they can help with my luggage and i shoud get off the other side of track so the TT at station does not tnotice me .They looked skeptic and i just thought ow to tackle . I then decide to stay on board rather trusting the strangers .
I took Lord's name and just sat near the toilet as it was all stuffed .Luckily nobody came to ceck the train bogie as it was weekend ad crowd was huge .The train was late and i stood thire for bloody eight hours without even drinking water as i had not enough money to buy waterbottle as i might have to pay TT something .I was just thinking i can't even make the genuine excuse of loosing mooney and ticket as every person caught would make it .
Then finally Kanpur came and i got off thier as there is a securit check between kanpur and lucknow .
I walked off the backdoor from the station.Took a bus for lucknow from there and reached home at around 0100 hrs in morning .
I had no mobile to inform my parents in what shit i got into , no money to pay the penalty ,or even to drink water .

There are few more , may be i post it sometimes later ...though i know no one cares reading them :/

Now i do long journeys from chenaai to hometown , that things remain pretty predictable and spice is not there

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