Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Life ...

This is one of those things i feel like sharing about.
Is Life all about degrees you have , and from which prestigious university or company you are at?
Is it more about things you care of rather than about people in general. A doctor who helps say 10 persons to live life again as is known in a small region of say 10km. radius or a mathetech who the world knows is better for his some theory.
Life seems shit now that its all about "money" and "time" and no more about individuals ,persons , lives .development everywhere but for WHAT? ever rising crime ,global warming , women assaults ,nationwide strifes !
Freedom for all , my foot ... everyone grounded by their bosses.Freedom for women, they've been chased down worst by this world ever in history.
Everyone tries to be someone he is not .May be Hendrix , Shakira ,Einstein . I say , let the chips fall , let us all evolve to be better humans.
Were we better in the pre industrial era ? ok , we had problems ,but they were far less in magnitude and gravity than what we have created now . Point is we had lesser desire , rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi (though i don't consider him a mahatma ) , there is enough for every man's need but not for every man's greed
Is it competition that we wanted ?? "cut throat " , "professionalism" etc.
Winning by hook or by crook ? Is this what our society preaches now , as we have burried our own value system ,and adopted the "Just Do It" philosophy of the west .
All these shows like "The Apprentice" etc are excellent.. about how best one can be ? but for what ? to make his life worst !!
Work for 24x7 for 11 months an year and take a month break(if given ) to enjoy life. Are we machines ? huh !
may be we are turning to be better machines and worst humans.( i wonder what we are) .
Come to techie world , What are we indians producing :: IT professionals gimme a break , or just n thousand working computer heads . Can we be better ?? or were we to produce intellectuals , thinkers ,creative minds , poets ,and literature pandits
Whats the education system giving at schools? --cramming ability to students than creative thinking . a study of top schools of Indian metros was done and report stated the best grade four student scored as much as an average performer of grade three of China .
What are we runnng after , doing more than we an handle .Students all over doping and smoking away life under stress or may be coz it looks cool to do some sh** like that.
Everyone is more self obsessed than ever .Everyone interested in other's life more than his for a better reason than i can give .
For once i think , battle of Troy was over a stupid issue , but i think fighting for love is a better reason than for a piece of land or worldly treasure. As caring individual for intrinsic value is much better than for money/other motive .
Ask yourself , is this the world we want ? or we are creating our own pits .
though i sound lika sh**y luser above to many but this is what i feel in a chilly night of dec 31st ,2007 when i m travelling to chennai alone in the middle of nowhere .


abhishek said...

I can understand Abhinav.....
Everybody at some point in their life feels the same.

Agam said...

dats a nice view u hav there
come to think of it...i think u hav a point here abhinav
nice work dude!!

NG Srinivas said...

I agree with your views. People have become too materialistic and brand-conscious.

barbie said...

quite a gud job .....u tried hard 2 put diff. perspectives 2together......kinda "half empty glass" approach......bt still dy r ur views......hence appreciated as always.......waitin 2 b enlightened more.....n mre.....here's ma opinion...'If you continually expect the worse, you are apt to be pleasantly surprised a lot. If you always expect the best, you may be disappointed frequently'

abhinav narain said...
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