Friday, June 27, 2008

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This is an undated peice of text written sometime ... but i wanted to acknowledge one of the influencial,inspiring,respectable people in my life .Professor R.Kalyan Krishnan,CSE,IIT Madras .I saw it after having possibly a last proper chat with him today.

There was a strong will in three of us to do something apart from the
regular academics.To learn something and apply it. Fortunately, Prof. RKK
saw our enthusiasm and directed us to focus our atttention on some small
tasks. Initially, he gave us the overview of the project. We use to meet him everyday in morning hours of the day and he use to tell
us about different problems and told us to think about it .We then had to
think about the issues involved in the problem and how we can handle it.
The Professor use to give us tasks relating to things which we will be
dealing later in the project.By regularly listening to him and his varied
ideas we developed to think similarly. He taught us ,by his unique way, how to approach a problem and think about
all possible situations .How can a small issue later on can make things
difficult.The things which ,he told us daily to do ,made sense later in the summer
when we were working rigrously on the project as they were not some chunks
of information but a continuous stream of information.During , the daily meetings,many useful ideas were discussed . We learned
there is a difference between a brilliant idea which may get flopped
sometimes ,but a simple idea which may work almost always.There may be
something good ,but how feasible it is to implement also matters.To work efficiently, we had to understand the project requirements.


Leela said...

It was a wonderful experience to be his student, that too in first sem. CS110 will, undoubtedly, remain high on the list of courses I liked to do here.

NG Srinivas said...

Those were _some_ days man. Shows just how much an illusion your frame of thoughts are ... feels painful when you're going through it, but in retrospect I had some of the most fun days (pun intended) of my life ...