Sunday, January 4, 2009

Heavy Metal

What is \M/etal ?
another form of expression ?? huh !
the best part of it is , you can't define it ! you can just hear it , feel it... and it hits you straight at your heart. It is about peace and love (though rarely ) . It has a dark story to tell .Its very rough ,hard and very metal.
It is one form of music which is to stay forever .(and blessed it doesn't talk about girlfriend , boyfriend crap and all that surrounds ). It has different subject matters to talk about , and it deals with them ruthlessly .
It all started with Black Sabbath , and the evil record 'Black Sabbath' , released on Friday 13 , 1970 . It
started in Burmingham , with the slaughterer Ozzy on vocals and Tony's evil guitar who can call on Satan any day(though it was because of his injured finger !) . Its been the music of the working class .It has those heavy
sounds of metal factories , the baseness and bluntness , anger and everything.
Heavy metal is always related with horror , very dark , very real , very straight . It is about rebellion without cause.
It is about freedom , not being tied by anything . It talks about the darkest moments of anyone's life. This music can read the `Gospel of Filth' without any hesitations and you will respect the description.
Road map to \m/etal music bands was basically laid by Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin in the early seventies.
\M/etal has its roots very much in Black Sabbath , Judas Priest , Iron Maiden and later \M/etallica .
Judas Priest was the first all in all \m/etal band who embraced the hard-metal look with leather jackets , and metallic belts.. unlike KISS (suckers) , who turned pop , disgrace to \m/etal .
Iron Maiden , took British heavy \m/etal to new heights.
Those who think punk movement started \m/etal are wrong in more than one way because punk with disco almost tried to kill '\M/etal' at one time .
If Black Sabbath started \M/etal , Metallica was one band , who reinvented \m/etal . With there long and ever different riffs , Metallica produced records way ahead of any band at that time .It was Lars and Hetfield , two
close friends who made music , what it really is thrashing away all those posers and fake bands like 'Poison' , 'Bon Jovi'( sorry but true). They loved the music they made. No flamboyance , no pretense . Bare plain truths spitted with ever faster riffs .
Thrash \m/etal is one major form of \m/etal ( as later some n kind of \m/etal bands spurted out from nowhere ... melodic metal , grunge metal , glam (Gay LA Metal - by Mustaine :P ) metal , melodic death metal , spooky metal and what all metal ).
The deadliest and evil music ever recorded was by Slayer - ` reign in blood ' , 39 minutes of pure hell .
Megadeth (my all time favorite ... I picked up guitars just to make the most bitchin' sound like Dave ) and the weakest of the " The Big Four "- Anthrax .They made metal faster and heavier . This was americanized Metal .
How about the metal symbol "\m/" - Corna , also called the evil eye , devil's horn etc .
Dio used to show it during concerts like Ozzy used to show "V" when he was in Sabbath , and now it completely defines metal .It resembles the triple six (666) ,in the book of revelation , the demons symbol !
From Sabbath , Zeppelin ,KISS ,Alice Cooper, AC/DC, Motorhead, Priest , Van Halen , Def Leppard ,Metallica and ...
everyone has contributed to Metal in their own way ... and above all the most loyal fan base of all . We called the \M/etal heads , headbangers embrace it as one kind of religion and identify with this form of music .
Metal is here to stay forever though at times its future has been seriously in grave but it always rises as phoenix .
\M/etal is very blunt , straight , confronting form of music .
\M/etal is about respect and credibility .
\M/etal is the real deal .
\M/etal relieves you from Frustration.
\M/etal tells you to fight against Society .
\M/etal pisses people too !! .
\M/etal wards off your fear of pain
It tells you to kick back and fight .
It is kick ass like no other \M/usic .
\M/etal is mystic , occult , strange but still familiar
It doesn't make the culture obscene, disgrace women as s**ts as hip hop does .( i can't help saying it )
Though i am influenced by \m/etal and identify \m/yself with it , but i can appreciate and it Ravi Shankar as one of the the greatest musician , and some of the Doors song pain my ears , like anyone else would be after Slayer's
bloodline ( and bloodline is one of my all time favorite :) )


NG Srinivas said...

Hehe ... nice picturisation of metal :) It is indeed one of the few forms of music where there is no hesitation to read the `Gospel of filth', as you put it.

Not many might be in your favour, though :-)

abhinav narain said...

oops , did i say that :P